Blogiversary Pt. 2

*** I had started writing this plea a few weeks ago on the 2nd anniversary of the blog but my experience of asking for help to people with religious backgrounds usually ends with me holding air. And I felt discouraged and I was afraid to ask for help. 3 weeks ago I added a DONATE button at the bottom of the blog. To date not one single reader has donated a single dollar. I am in a situation that I can not get out of without financial help. And my circumstances have become very unhealthy for me. My desperation overrides my worries that this plea will fall on deaf ears. I need help. This post is my plea to you all to help me finish this project.***

2 years later.

We’ve come a long way, you and I.

It took longer to get the first 2 volumes out than I had anticipated.

I had hoped to be finished with this all by now back when I finished the first volume in 2022.

This year was far more stressful and my life far too complicated and my poverty too brutal to be able to deliver the project with the speed I had envisioned way back then.


I got there.

Worst case scenario… I was able to deliver the original planned storyline.

But there is further still to go.

We have not reached the end of this journey.

I’ve got 3 more volumes of material READY TO GO.

Today is my 47th birthday. (18 days ago now)

And my wish for my birthday this year is that the financial resources necessary to finish this project will arrive.

I had hoped to complete this effort– the rough draft at least– without asking you the reader to finance the work.

I’ve spent my entire adult life in poverty, I know how much it sucks to want to engage with content and not be able to afford it. I wanted this to be available to anyone anywhere at any time and that poverty should not be a barrier to enjoying this content.

Unfortunately, my poverty IS a barrier to MAKING the content.

I have multiple posts half written and I’ve hit a wall due to my living circumstances. I am unable to write under my current conditions.

And that’s why this project has been so slow in arrival and so haphazardly scheduled.

But the ticking of the election clock is freaking me out and I really REALLY want to get this done by this summer.

And so I’m taking the questionable step of asking you— my loyal readers and curious onlookers– to see if you would help an artist out.

Many years ago… my fans wanted content made by me so badly that they demanded I be rehired after I had been written off a show.

The fans saved Jimmy.

Would it be gauche of me to ask if the fans could help me out one more time?

Can ya spare some change?

My birthday wish this year is that those who have the ability to, would you be willing to donate and financially support this project? Single gift, ongoing donation, whatever you are able and willing to give.

And to those that don’t have funding or deep pockets… would you be willing to share this project and spread the word so that it might reach enough people where it could raise enough money that I can have the tools and resources I need to finish this durned thang?

I’ve been hesitant to ask for funding for the blog for the last two years– yes to keep it free (AND IT WILL REMAIN SO)– but I realized a few weeks ago that what I was most feeling about asking for financial help was fear.

I have asked christians for charity for 30 years.

Guess who still lives on disability and in poverty.

I worry that if I ask for help it will be a waste of time because that’s what usually happens when the impoverished mentally ill say “Spare change?”

I don’t want to get my hopes up and be embarrassed when nuthin comes in.

But I’m at point where the urgency of the project is overwhelming my fear of asking for help and coming up dry.

So, if you are able to help– financially or by word of mouth– it would mean the world to me to be able to afford to dedicate the time and energy to crank this out over the next two/three months.

Thank you for sticking it out this far.

I hope I have been able to deliver something of value to you.

I hope it’s entertaining and enlightening.

I’ve got a LOT more to say.

Thank you as well, those of you who contribute in the comments and have provided feedback and encouragement.

It’s an honor to have you along for the ride on this artistic journey.

If the work I have done matters to you at all… this is the opportunity to show me.

I need your help and I can not finish this without your support.

Thank you for any help you can provide.


Please help me complete this blogject.
Click to donate here

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20 responses to “Blogiversary Pt. 2”

  1. dave Avatar

    Also if there are other methods like venmo (@Dave-Griffin-5) or something that would be better for some donors please lemme know and I’ll add those links in the comments

    1. MaryMargaret M Roney Avatar
      MaryMargaret M Roney

      Can you do Paypal, Dave?

      1. dave Avatar

        @bitethetrophy for paypal

        and THANK YOU ❤️

  2. MaryMargaret M Roney Avatar
    MaryMargaret M Roney

    Can you do Paypal, Dave?

    1. dave Avatar

      @bitethetrophy for paypal (sorry didn’t see this one)

  3. Amy Avatar

    Dave, You may want to remind everybody your legal first name is James. I had to look it up in an old post to make sure. ☺

    1. dave Avatar

      Yes my first name is James! Which system needed my first name? Or did it show up in a receipt?

      Appreciate all data for this tech illiterate old dude lol

      1. Amy Avatar

        Your PayPal account. 😊

        1. Amy Avatar

          That is, your PayPal account is listed under “James Griffin” and I was thrown off for a minute.

          1. dave Avatar

            Ah yes… I have so many names I should be an international spy.

            James Davidson Griffin is the full name for anybody who is curious.

            Folks always called me David from day 1 just to infuriate every teacher, authority figure, government anything….

            If I ever go into hiding I’m going by James. Nobody will see it coming.

  4. David F. Avatar
    David F.

    Just caught up on the past 8+ months, not in a position to do much, but I will send something your way because this point of view needs to reach more people, and the sooner the better.

    1. dave Avatar

      I wanted to say thank you for your donation. I know when times are tight it seems like “what good is my offering” and having been on the downside of poverty for waaaaay too long I know that feeling very well.

      This is greatly appreciated because I know it comes from a place of integrity and genuine wanting to help. I’m humbled.

      Would also like to remind folk that giving the project a plug or bringing people to it that might appreciate it are also very critically helpful ways of contributing if funds are not possible.

      I appreciate any and all help this project can receive and it genuinely means the world to me ❤️

      Appreciate you and your beautiful soul.

  5. chanagon Avatar

    …is the donate button still working? (For me, it now says “critical error”)

    1. dave Avatar

      We’re diving into the issue right now will update once it’s fixed!

      1. dave Avatar

        Think we’ve got it fixed. See if you’re still getting that error.

        1. chanagon Avatar

          I still get the error

          1. dave Avatar

            Thank you for feedback. Back to the drawing board!

          2. dave Avatar

            okay try again…

  6. chanagon Avatar

    Works now!

    1. dave Avatar

      oh good thank you so much for the feedback <3

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