Read Me First


This is the “about section”.

And the only thing to tell you about this blog is that this blog is a sequential, progressive story being laid out in a particular order.

Yes, I’m a former Evangelical turned political Progressive and this whole story is about my journey into that world– but what I mean by progressive story is that this is a story told in a sequence. These are not standalone posts. I will be building language and concepts and ideas that will unfold over time and each post leads into the next. If you jump into the middle of the story, you’ll have a hard time understanding what in the world I’m talking about and how we got here.

So, please, if your curiosity is piqued. If you stumble across a post that is recent, please give this project the proper chance to unfold in the way it’s intended.

Start from the beginning. The Prodigal.

And let’s go on an adventure together.

Thank you for taking time out of your life to read these works.

It’s an honor to have you, and I hope I can entertain and educate you about my world and my thinking process… and maybe even make you laugh and reconsider some things once in awhile.

-Dave Griffin